OK, so this isn’t really a ‘burning’ question unless you’ve eaten something spicy the night before or like to light yours.

But, with the most romantic day of the year fast approaching, it’s a timely social dilemma to tackle in the hope of helping out couples across our area.

Today we’re broaching the thorny topic of flatulence, or more specifically flatulence when in a relationship.

When do you think is the right time to break wind in front of a partner? What point in a relationship have you felt comfortable enough with your other half to let rip for the first time? Or do you prudishly prefer to keep parps in while you’re in the company of your special someone? Is it rude to break wind in close proximity to your boyfriend or girlfriend, or is it a sign you’re in a good relationship if you can be relaxed around each other?

Add your comments below and let’s try to support couples approaching this make-or-break moment.

News Shopper: Burning Questions

The Burning Questions feature aims to resolve some of the oddities of social etiquette, settle some of life’s perennial arguments and crack some of those tricky questions with readers’ collective input.

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