WE’RE not quite sure why the selfie is so popular, but it is.

Last year, the term – meaning a photograph taken of oneself - was chosen by the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary as their word of the year as the craze exploded and spawned sub-genres like the curious Kim Kardashian-favoured belfie (bottom selfie).

There’s all kind of selfie out there – from the funny selfie to the selfie with a celeb, to the outrageous or downright glamorous selfie.

There have even been selfies taken in space.

Never one to fall behind the times and knowing full well the beautiful people of the News Shopper area love a selfie, we implore you to send us yours and you too could end up on this esteemed page.

Simply tweet your selfie to @NewsShopper with your name, age and where you’re from and this could be you next week.

Getting us underway is this bold selfie and belfie combo from reader Jade McColgan, 26, from Bromley.