GREENWICH and Newham residents will get a 50 per cent discount on the cable car for return journeys, it has been announced.

The Emirates Air Line has struggled for passengers since it opened more in 2012 and has been likened by critics to a theme park ride rather than a piece of transport infrastructure.

But it is hoped the new move will give the number of passengers who use it each day a much-needed boost.

From Valentine's Day until the end of the year, passengers from the two boroughs who produce proof of residence will receive a 50 per cent reduction on return fares.

The offer will apply to cash and pay as you go Oyster fares, meaning a return ticket for adults would be £3.30 return and £1.70 for children.

Transport for London’s head of the Emirates Air Line Danny Price said: "This is a great rate to encourage those living in Greenwich and Newham to use the Emirates Air Line on a regular basis, whether it is to cross the river for work or business, to get to the many leisure activities in the areas or just for the experience and fantastic views of the city."