FOR some, wedding planners are worth their weight in gold, but have you considered getting help to plan the perfect proposal?

Husband and wife Michele and Marvin Velazquez are the Heart Bandits, a world-renowned team who plan romantic events and dates all over the globe and have been featured in the LA Times, NY Times and the Daily Mail.

Among the elaborate events they have planned are planting actors throughout Chicago to re-enact scenes from a couple’s relationship to renting out an entire theatre on the Las Vegas strip for an NFL player and intimate events in penthouse and celebrity beach homes.

The couple love to get to know their clients and provide something truly bespoke, and when Vibe asked them for some ideas for proposing in Greenwich they were only too happy to help.

Michele urges any proposer to make sure that the proposal is personalised to your relationship, she has put together four proposals that fit specific personality types your girlfriend may fit in to.


News Shopper: Greenwich Park's Rose Garden. Picture by Anne Marie Briscombe

The Rose Garden at Greenwich Park. Picture by Rupert Truman (National Trust)

If your partner loves to be outside, finds fresh air calming and satisfying, and would much rather go on a hike than sit in and watch a movie, this proposal is for her.

The Proposal: Take her out for a nice dinner and then suggest a stroll through Greenwich Park.  Enjoy the amazing views and the open air until you spot a pavilion ahead.  The pavilion is lit with hundreds of candles and there is a musician playing your song.


News Shopper: An actor pretends to be artist James Thornhill surveying his Painted Hall masterpiece, picture courtesy of Adrian Brooks

The Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College. Picture by Adrian Brooks.

If your girlfriend is constantly taking selfies or asking you to take photos together so she can post them on Facebook, then she is going to want some amazing photos of her proposal to share with the world. 

The Proposal: Take her to Old Royal Navy College, an architectural masterpiece sure to look stunning in any photograph.  Have your friend follow you around from a distance as you tour the site, capturing pictures of you and your girlfriend.  After you find the most scenic area on the grounds, you pop the question.  Surprise her later with all of the photos.


News Shopper: The newly opened Sammy Ofer Wing at the National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum

Congratulations! You snagged yourself a woman who is intelligent and intrigued by history.  She probably loves museums and reading about important historical moments.  This is the perfect proposal for her.

The Proposal: You suggest a fun day at the famous National Maritime Museum.  You tour the Queen’s House , Royal Observatory, and end up at The Caird Library.

You check in at the front desk (they are expecting you because you have already arranged everything with them) and they hand you a map leading you to the best books in the library.  She follows the map and she begins to find love notes in the suggested books.  At the last book, she finds a poem you wrote and you propose.


News Shopper: Number of people using Greenwich cable cars nose-dives after Olympics

The Emirates Airline

Your girlfriend loves adventure, loves trying new things, and loves to see the world.

The Proposal: You prepare a scrapbook of your favourite memories with her.  You surprise her and take her to the Emirates Air Line where you hop in a gondola and fly sky high above the Thames River.  After taking in the view, you surprise her with the book and after you look back at your memories, you propose.

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