A GREENWICH woman says she was chased down the street, had her bags rummaged through and was falsely accused of being a thief after walking empty-handed out of a store.

Claire Williamson says the "horrific treatment" from a staff member at Greenwich Food and Wine in King William Walk was even worse because she never received an apology.

The IT consultant, who visited the shop on January 28 at around 4pm, explained: "I picked up two sandwiches to buy and was making my way to pay when there was a delay due to several tourists deciding which wine to pay for. I put the sandwiches down and left the shop.

"Then I was chased up the street by a gentleman from the shop screaming at me 'open the bag, open the bag'"

She went on: "I was shaking and traumatised and opened my bag which was of course devoid of any stolen goods.

"He then continued to scream aggressively with 'open the other bag, open the other bag'

"In total I had to show and empty both my rucksack and my handbag. There was no apology. I told him I was going to call the police. He seemed pleased at that."

When the police arrived on the scene, they were unable to help as no crime had been committed.

But Ms Williamson said: "Everybody looked at me as if I was a criminal. I am left feeling very depressed with no confidence.

"Given that the police are disinterested in this case have we any assurance that all the tourists who go into that shop and exit without actually buying anything will not be meted out the same horrific treatment?"

Nobody from Greenwich Food and Wine was available for comment.