VALENTINE’S Day and chocolates go together like Batman and Robin or cheese and biscuits, and there’s something out there no matter how far along your relationship is.

Vibe’s here to help...

For the girl with adventurous taste...

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Hotel Chocolat – Valentine Selection, £24

This lavish pink Picasso-y box is just the kind of grand gesture you want to give to someone really special. And for £24, they’ll have to be quite special.

Everything about the chocolates is stunning, with vivid colours on a mix of 26 dark, white and milk chocolates.

The heart-warming recipes are perfect for wooing, and send a message to your lover that you like the finer things in life with fruity and boozy flavours like Champagne Bellini, Pink Champagne Truffle, and Lemon Berry Tart.

A host of sweet caramel classics like Caramel Praline, Soft Caramel and Salted Caramel Cheesecake make for a great range.

Make sure that she’s got adventurous taste first, though, because flavours like Balsamic Caramel and Passion Fruit Truffle didn’t chime with some of our less sophisticated palates in the newsroom.

The Showstopper...

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Hotel Chocolat – Open Your Heart To Me, £26

It’s not a cheap gift but it is one s/he will remember for years – a giant milk chocolate heart, embellished with dark chocolate and filled with half a dozen beautiful Hotel Chocolat truffles and pralines.

Very, very special.

The sweet gesture...

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Cadbury – Heart Valentine Chocolates, £3.99

A sweet little gift that won’t break the bank, this cute boxes of moreish hazelnut pralines are a great gift for any valentine.

Just about everyone will love these and being simple and inexpensive they are brilliant for fledgling relationships or a flirty gift. That girl or guy you admired is less likely to think you’re a creep if you buy them this than something extravagant and over-the-top.

The long-term love...


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Aldi – Moser Roth Luxurious Chocolate Collection, £2.99

Unfortunately for Aldi, the out-dated connotations of cheapness mean handing over this box to a loved-one you’re not entirely comfortable with could send the wrong message.

That said, the contents are delicious and well-trusted flavours are crowd pleasers.

The chocs are a bit chunky and less delicate than (much) more expensive rivals but that conversely gives it some charm, depending on your viewpoint.

Our suggestion, re-box them or find a different way of serving them - they’re such good value that you can afford to.

Not a chocolate lover...

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Hope and Greenwood - Cherry Lips, £2.50

Not everyone loves chocolate and, to be honest, it’s not appropriate everywhere (every come out of the cinema and found you’ve been sat in chocolate?).

If that’s the case then these sweet treats from Covent Garden-based Hope and Greenwood are just the ticket.

These sugary, cherry sweets are perfect for sharing, romantic and juicy.