AN EYEWITNESS has described the “dramatic” moment “a dozen armed police with machine guns” caught a suspect in Eltham yesterday (February 3) lunchtime.

Armed officers were called to Passey Place at 12.27pm after an off-duty police officer spotted a man he believed was wanted in connection with a murder investigation.

The man was found to not be the suspect but was arrested on suspicion of drug offences.

An eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, says the area, off Eltham High Street, was busy with shoppers and many children were around.

He said: “It was all very quick. Then, all of a sudden, there was a bang, cars opened.

“There were a dozen armed police with machine guns mounted to their shoulders.

“The first thing I heard was: ‘Armed police, get down on the ground.’ “They knew exactly where they were going.

“It was all very dramatic.

“This one guy was spread-eagled on the floor with a machine gun pointed at his head.

“It was so professional, they were brilliant.

“As soon as I saw them, I dropped down. People were walking towards it. I shouted: ‘Get down. The old bill’s got guns out.’”

He added: “No one was hurt.

“A member of the public was saying: ‘Wow, isn’t it fantastic we have got police like this.”

He went on to say people felt reassured the police were acting swiftly especially in the light of the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in nearby Woolwich.

A Met spokesman says a 35-year-old-man from Lambeth has subsequently been issued with a police caution for possession of cannabis.

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