AS FAR as unusual date night venues go, boarding an old London bus in Deptford is up there.

Big Red in Church Street serves up a decent slice of whimsy and nostalgia to top off its high class pizzas.

As the name suggests, a vintage double decker has been lovingly restored and tables installed to turn it into a restaurant.

There’s a covered area with more space for dining and a bar next door as well as football tables, an outside terrace and container space which is used for private hire, showing films and discos.

It’s all very quirky and pleasingly low-fi.

Manager Alecio Viera said: “It’s something unusual, something funky.

“We do different things you don’t get in other restaurants. In other restaurants you just go and have a meal, maybe there’ll be some jazz, but here we have all different things.”

These include stand-up comedy on Tuedays, a film club on a Wednesday (when I visitied, Annie Hall was showing), discos and a films for kids on Saturdays and Sundays.

My service was swift and attentive from a witty waiter who reminded me a bit of Radio 1 DJ Greg James and the menus were short but sufficient. The drinks one looked like an old bus ticket.

Though the choice of flavours is fairly simple, the pizza was very high quality – not overloaded with topping but bursting with flavour while the base was crisp where it ought to be crisp and soft where it ought to be soft. It was a delight to eat.

Big Red is in Church Street, Deptford. Go to



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