AN ELDERLY couple say they are hoping to raise awareness of transport dangers after they were unable to get off a train.

Mr and Mrs Payne, of Bromley, were travelling back from Bedford earlier this month when they found they couldn’t step onto the platform at Hayes Station.

Raymond Payne, 85, who suffers from asthma and has dementia, said he is not as mobile as he used to be and nearly fell between the train and platform edge.

He said he ended up sitting down with his legs dangling in the gap and was fortunate two women were there to help him and his wife alight.

"I couldn’t reach the platform to get off," explained Mr Payne.

"I nearly fell - it was very stressful and I was quite shaken up."

Mr Payne said his wife, who has osteoporosis, also struggled and also relied on the two women to get off.