WHAT better way is there to show your affection for someone than with a well-thought-out gift?

There’s an unacknowledged sliding scale of pressies from ultra personal one-offs, to dinners, to chocolates and flowers and the depths beyond.

Whatever you do, steer well clear of these...

Buffet Dinners

Because stuffing your face until you can’t move is not sexy. Taking him or her for a meal is great, but it should be something fresh and distinct rather than cheap or last-minute. 

iPod Speaker Dock

An iPod speaker dock can be a good gift for anyone...but for a special and intimate day, it’s not sending the right message. If you ask me, it’s not very romantic. 

Gift Vouchers

It just screams ‘LAZY’. Frankly it’s insulting and shows a lack of concern for that so-called special person. Gift vouchers are only acceptable for Valentine’s when asked for it.

Anything you bought in a petrol station

If you think it’s OK to pick up a bunch of flowers on your way home and that she won’t notice, well you’re wrong.

Surely this is no longer news to anyone but 99.9 per cent of petrol station gifts i.e. cards, teddy bear, and glittery roses hold no sentiment or romance or even taste.

Sports tickets

Great, just what I wanted! Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a pint of gassy lager and hundreds of screaming fans.

Household appliances

I am glad you think outside the box.  Just because the appliance is PINK does not make it suitable.

Cliche cards

Cards with a corny joke are cringe worthy and make you look a tool. Stop being repressed, have some imagination and write your own message about how you really feel.

Edible underwear

Just no.

‘I Love You’ inscribed chocolate

OK, so chocolate’s generally a winner but just because someone’s messily scrawled three generic words on it – or worse still – a heart it doesn’t make it romantic. It’s creatively bankrupt, it’s not on.

No gifts at all

Why oh why? Valentine’s day certainly can bring out the worst and best in people. For some guys, it can bring on much anxiety to find that right gift so they opt for no gifts. I can assure you, you’d have one very disappointed girlfriend.

What’s the worst thing you’ve received, or given, for Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment below...