SUPPOSE you found £100 lying in the street, would you keep it or hand it in somewhere?

If nobody was around to see you pick up a bundle of dropped banknotes off the ground would you put the cash in your pocket and walk off thinking it must be your lucky day?

Would you worry about the owner being without their cash or would you treat it as a fortunate case of ‘finders, keepers’?

Alternatively, would you try to do the decent, honest thing and take the money to the nearest police station? Maybe at least take it into a nearby shop in case the owner had been in there and came back later looking for their cash? Or would you just leave the money where it was and walk away?

Would a higher or lower amount of money make a difference to your decision?

Please tell us in the comments below what you’d do in this situation. Also say if you’ve ever actually found something valuable dropped in the street and what you did with it.

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