A DARTFORD woman suffering from cancer and her five-year-old son were allegedly kicked out of their house by police in the middle of the night with nowhere to go.

Kathy May, 41, was fast asleep at 4.30am on January 20 at her home in Stanley Close, when she was awoken by police banging on her door.

She told News Shopper they forced her and five-year-old son Shane to leave the house in the bitterly cold conditions and without their medicines.

Officers told her they were searching the house next door, where her mother and son live, and had arrested them.

Kathy and Shane were forced to sit out in the cold until her estranged husband, Wayne, 42 made the 40-minute journey so they could sit in his car to keep warm.

News Shopper: Woman with cancer and her five-year-old son reportedly forced to leave house in the night without medicine

Mr May told News Shopper: "Shane has a lung condition which he needs an inhaler for and they wouldn’t let him take it.

"She showed police her medical notes and those for Shane and they still kicked her out.

"She has to take her notes with her everywhere because she often has fits.

"Kathy has cancer and is going to have a massive operation soon.

"She’s in and out of hospital and due to have a hysterectomy.

"My son was in his pyjamas. It was freezing."

Mr May, a rare breeds specialist, made a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

He said: "I heard other families whose houses were being searched were put in hotels.

"None of us have ever been involved in the police before.

"I was furious and asked to speak to an inspector.

"They had been arrested in connection with a man who had gone missing, they wouldn’t even tell us he’d been found."

News Shopper: Woman with cancer and her five-year-old son reportedly forced to leave house in the night without medicine

Mrs May, 41, said: "They arrested my son next-door, a mechanic who had only gone to pick my mum’s car up which had been stolen before.

"It’s because my family knew a man who went missing.

"The police told us they were arresting my mum and son on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder. My mum is 71."

A few hours later Kent Police appealed for the public’s help in tracing Gravesend man Alan Osbourne, 45, who had gone missing more than a week before.

They confirmed they had arrested three men and a woman had been arrested and were helping police with their enquires.

The next day Mr Osbourne was found safe and well and the police released the four people without charge and are no longer investigating anyone in connection with the incident.

News Shopper: The police were still searching the property at 10am that morning

A Kent Police spokesman said: "It is understood a complaint has been made online with the IPCC, which will be sent to Kent Police.

"As the complaint has yet to be received by our Professional Standards Department and a decision made as to whether it will be the subject of an internal investigation, we are unable to comment further on this case."

An IPCC spokesman told News Shopper: "Complainants are best advised making their complaint to the relevant police force.

"For certain serious matters, police forces must refer complaints to the IPCC."