DARTFORD MP Gareth Johnson has called for charging guidelines to be reconsidered when people are killed in road crashes.

During a debate on dangerous driving in the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Johnson said: “I do not understand why, in many cases, the charge is not one of manslaughter rather than causing death by dangerous driving, given that the imposition of a life sentence is an option for any court that convicts an offender of manslaughter.”

This suggestion was welcomed by other members in the house.

After the debate Mr Johnson added: “There have been too many occasions where drivers have killed somebody by driving in a very dangerous manner yet have been able to escape with a more lenient penalty simply because they have been charged with the lesser offence of causing death by dangerous driving.

“This is not about targeting people who make mistakes when driving but rather it is about those who deliberately drive in a very reckless manner causing the death of other road users.

“We should be looking at increasing the occasions when these drivers are charged with manslaughter.

“In normal circumstances if you caused someone’s death by your reckless behaviour you would be charged with manslaughter so why isn’t it the same when you are in a car?”