A MASSIVE crater the size of a baby giraffe in a Bexleyheath road has revealed only an inch or so of tarmac is supporting the street to the horror of residents.

A Belvedere Road resident told News Shopper she was walking back from the shops when she noticed the ten-feet deep chasm in the road - and watched a driver almost go over it.

She said: "What's really worrying is that it seems like there's about an inch and a half of tarmac supporting the whole road - it doesn't seem very strong.

"We've had these issues for about two years now with drainage works going on.

"It's just not safe - I certainly won't be going back out there again."

Paul Davis, who lives on Belvedere Road virtually opposite the crater, said that a drain control man was driving along the road and saw the hole.

He stopped and went back to check what was going on, he and a passer by then put some cones out and directed traffic round the hole.

The father-of-three added: "The hole is right in front of my old house. 

"Workmen started looking into how to fix it right away.

"The size of the cavern underneath the road is just unbelieveable."

"If the drain controlman he hadn't taken the action he did, one wonders what catastrophe might have happened."