AN ORPINGTON nurse has been ‘homeless’ since Christmas after her ceiling collapsed and she was forced to leave her "dangerous" damp-ridden flat.

Jullett Johnson has been staying with friends since the roof fell down following a leak in her flat, which is run by Affinity Sutton, in Cray View Close.

News Shopper: Orpington nurse 'homeless' since Christmas after roof collapsed and forced to leave 'dangerous' damp flat

The 33-year-old nurse at Princess Royal Hospital is desperate for the problem to be fixed and is furious at the housing association which she claims ignored her and her safety.

They eventually moved her into a "dirty" hotel - which 157 out of 200 people rated as ‘terrible’ on Trip Advisor - on Christmas Eve but friends took pity on her and invited her to stay.

Ms Johnson said: "I can’t live in a flat that isn’t habitable. I am paying all that money but not living there.

"No one’s interested, there’s no empathy, no care, even when I am clearly in distress.

"The roof still hasn’t been fixed. It is still leaking.

"This is something that could have been avoided. A simple drip, and this is now my life with no home."

News Shopper: Orpington nurse 'homeless' since Christmas after roof collapsed and forced to leave 'dangerous' damp flat

She says she first reported the leak on November 19 and claims it was not properly patched up which led to water running into the electrics and the roof collapsing.

The Greenwich University student said: "I heard a massive bang on my roof and I didn’t feel safe."

"I saw the lights dancing.

"The water was coming through light sources. They had to put me out of the property."

After fearing for her safety, she was finally moved to the "dirty" "smelly" hotel where she claims she was not given food on Christmas Day.

Despite ringing every day about the housing problem she says nothing has been done, she has had to move her personal items into storage and it has affected her work and studies.

News Shopper: Orpington nurse 'homeless' since Christmas after roof collapsed and forced to leave 'dangerous' damp flat

She added: "They need to compensate me, I have lost work and I have still had to pay."

An Affinity Sutton spokeswoman said several residents at Cray View Close were affected by damage to the roof caused by extreme weather conditions on December 23.

She said: "We sympathise with those residents who were unable to stay in their property at Cray View Close over the Christmas period and understand the inconvenience this will have cause.

"The emergency services, our maintenance contractors and housing management team all responded quickly and worked late on Christmas Eve to ensure residents were safe and to limit potential damage.

"Ms Johnson will be able to claim for items damaged as a result of the incident as well as some other specific costs via her contents or building insurance as appropriate.

"We fully understand that Ms Johnson will want to return to her property as soon as possible and we would like to reassure her, and all other affected residents, that the replacement of the roof is an absolute priority for us and we are working hard with the insurer to ensure the required works are undertaken as quickly as possible."

She added: "We can confirm we are aware of a number of repairs made to the roof of Cray View Close prior to the incident on 23rd December and these are assisting us in preparing the specification of work to replace the damaged roof.”