GREENWICH and Bexley are among six London boroughs that have seen a “dramatic drop” in the number of fires in the last 10 years.

London Fire Brigade has reported the two areas have seen a decrease of over 70 per cent and added new figures show incidents are at their lowest level since records began.

Greenwich has seen a drop of 78 per cent with 712 fires taking place over 2012/13, compared to 3,254 in 2003/04.

While Bexley has seen a 73 per cent fall, with numbers showing over 1,000 fewer fires were reported.

Ron Dobson, Commissioner of London Fire Brigade, said: “Despite the capital’s growing population, Londoners are less likely than ever before to have a fire and people are much safer as a result.”

Lewisham and Bromley have also seen positive changes – with a 65 per cent reduction and a 68 per cent fall respectively.

Mr Dobson added the statistics are down to prevention work aimed at those most at risk as well as using social media to send messages and warnings.

London Fire Brigade also announced it estimates 5,000 fires were prevented last year due to home visits and suggested “vulnerable people” are 18 times less likely to have a fire if they are seen.