HIGH Street, Station Road, Church Lane – all of these are very common and boring road names.

But among the many streets, avenues, crescents and drives in south-east London and north Kent there are also some very unusual names.

Last year we rounded up the top 10 rude addresses in this area so this time we focus on the weirdest road names – the streets that really stand out from the crowd.

Other than the first one, there is no particular order to the list so you can tell us in the comments box below which one you think deserves the title of the weirdest road name in the area, or tell us any others you reckon should have been in this top 10!

Top 10 weirdest street names in the News Shopper area:

Ha-Ha Road, Woolwich

Rather than be in homage to Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons, this street name seems to refer to an old landscape design feature used to stop cattle and sheep getting into particular places. Still funny though, my personal favourite and the one which gave me the idea to look up other strange street names.

News Shopper:

Thong Lane, near Gravesend

This one definitely deserves to crack its way into the top 10.

Wood Ride, Petts Wood

No doubt named for perfectly innocent reasons but can't help thinking there's an innuendo in this name somewhere.

Lyminge Close, Sidcup

There's nothing weird or funny about this name. Nothing at all. Don't know why I included it really. Because it's a thoroughly uninteresting name I expect locals try to spice it up by pronouncing it as Ly-Ming instead of another way that could be used.

Bogey Lane, Orpington

I think Dick and Dom should have come here for a round of their game for '...in da Bungalow'.

Council Avenue, Northfleet

Apparently so named because it was home to the Northfleet Unitary District Council building, bot described by one helpful Twitter user as being "very council" nowadays so maybe the name still works even today.

Bedwell Road, Belvedere

You'd surely hope for a good night's sleep if you were visiting somewhere called Bed-Well, right?

Friendly Street, New Cross

There can't possibly be a nicer, sweeter road name than this anywhere, can there?

Bird in Hand Passage, Forest Hill

Unfortunately, there’s no sign of Two In the Bush Alley on any south-east London map

Bonar Place, Chislehurst

If you giggle at this one you must be very juvenile.

And there you have it, our top 10 of weird road names. Do you live in any of these streets or know anybody who does? Has the address ever caused any amusement or confusion? Tell us below ...