COUNCIL candidates in Cray Valley have called for further action following last week’s Waste4Fuel blaze that saw 21 firefighters involved.

The Cray Valley Labour Action Team, who says it will see members fighting in May’s elections, declared it “unbelievable” another fire hit the site.

The recycling plant, in St Paul’s Cray, was found alight on Thursday morning – the tenth incident in the past year.

Now the council hopefuls are suggesting owners Waste4Fuel Ltd is breaching court orders issued in 2013 and are demanding more is done to prevent risks.

In a statement, the team said of the Cornwall Drive depot: “It does not appear that at least one of the orders, namely that 24 hour security (be) put in place to reduce the risk of any further fires at the site” has been carried out. 

“Strong action must be taken. The current situation is intolerable and residents deserve better from those who represent them.

“The Cray Valley Labour Action team will continue to speak out for the residents against the site and stand up for people.

“It is deplorable that the Crays are so neglected in the Bromley borough – we are not a dumping ground!”

The organisation said Bromley Council and the Environment Agency (EA) should be doing more to ensure fires don’t break out.

The EA said controllers have been visiting the site to assess the situation and added Waste4Fuel Ltd has until May 1 this year to clear all waste.

“The Environment Agency have been on site daily for the last two weeks checking compliance with the High Court Order (specifically waste volumes in and out) and this evidence will be used to inform the next regulatory steps.

“The Environment Agency continues to carry out regular site inspections, and work with London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority to reduce the environmental risk as much as possible.”

Last week residents were complaining of the fumes and described the recycling depot as “toxic”.

Maxine O’Connor, 67, who lives in nearby Sevenoaks Way, told the News Shopper at the time that the stench and sight was “disgraceful” and added the road is “running alive with rats”.