NAVIGATING my way to The Green Man was like following a convoluted treasure trail, though it was admittedly worth it.

Some of you may be wondering why PubSpy’s been quite so far down the rabbit hole into Kent this week but in my defence, I was definitely on our patch when the signs drew me in.

Several more signs and country lanes later I had no idea where I was, but I liked it.

In a sweet location next to a pretty green and chocolate box cottages, the Green Man in Hodsoll Street is just the kind of country pub you would hope to stumble upon during a weekend walk.

In fact, it’s likely that many do because there are signs by the door telling walkers that they are welcome, though they should take off or cover muddy boots.

When I arrived around lunchtime, I wasn’t sure the place was open as the lights were all off, but the movement of people inside persuaded me to stoop through the low doorway and head to the bar.

It transpired a power cut was to blame – a common hazard of living in the countryside, I guess – but impressively back-up generators kicked in after a couple of minutes and the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil started up as the lights came on.

I did have sympathy for the devils having to deal with such outages.

When the lights came on, I was able to appreciate the countryside prettiness of this boozer; exposed brick fireplaces, those little antique plates and even bespoke placemats all pointed towards quaint Kentishness.

Behind the bar – which had little bowls of crisps dotted along it - were four decent ales, though I opted for a Thatcher’s cider and my driver turned me green with envy with a delicious looking hot chocolate.

Looking around, it was clear the Green Man was not relying on walk-in walkers for custom, with most tables reserved for lunch.

The pretty watering hole may be tucked away but it has a full schedule of throughout the week to keep punters coming in, including quizzes, music and steak nights.

It may have been a twisting trek to get to The Green Man, but I’ve got to say the reward was worth it.

The Green Man, Hodsoll Street, near Meopham

How it rated:

Atmosphere**** Delightful
Price*** About right
Staff ***** Friendly
Drinks *** Adequate range
Decor **** Quaint and countrysidey