AFTER weeks of frustration during which North Kent residents joked Bob Dunn Way should be turned into a lido, the flooded road is back on track.

The A206 Bob Dunn Way Eastbound has been shut due to flooding since early January and desperate drivers have resorted to dangerous tactics, with some removing the cones and driving through, but now it is due to reopen on Monday (JAN 27).

The road has remained flooded because the water table has risen above the road surface making it impossible to pump the water away.

Today (JAN 24) Mr Johnson called on Kent County Council to show him first-hand what is being done to get Bob Dunn Way open and to tackle the flooding which is a regular occurrence on the road. 

News Shopper: PICTURED: Flooding causes closure of A206 Bob Dunn Way in Dartford

He said: "During the inspection they confirmed to me the road is will be reopened on Monday morning, providing we don't get serious problems with the weather over the weekend.

"We cannot continue to have people suffering from extra congestion caused by the on-going closure of this road.

"As far as the long term plan is concerned the county council will be putting in permanent pumps to tackle the ongoing challenges of flooding in the area."

Twitter user @Driver_8_Ace previously offered a novel solution to the rapidly worsening situation.

He said: "Business idea: Bob Dunn Way = Dartford Lido. Reduced carbon footprint and a venue to get drunk and ponce about in swimming trunks. #Dartford."

Another resident, @anthony1195h, said: "I am appalled by the lack of action shown by KCC and the lack of respect for my Town."

An alert on News Shopper’s travel feed said: "Some callers say the road is passable, but Kent Highways report the road is still officially closed for safety despite drivers who move the closure signs."