A POLICE horse has been set upon in Greenwich Park by a bull terrier dog, leaving it with a wounded leg.

The four-year-old horse, named Quixote was in the park yesterday (January 22) at 10.53am being trained by a Mounted Branch police officer.

Quixote, who has only just become an operational horse, was being ridden towards the park entrance when the dog, a French bull terrier cross staff, ran towards him.

News Shopper: Greenwich Park police horse attacked by dog

The dog kept barking  and leapt at Quixote, leaving him with a bite on his upper front leg and two puncture wounds.

A walker in the park had to intervene, restraining the dog before Safer Neighbourhood officers from Greenwich arrived on the scene to help.

Quixote was taken back to the police stables at Lewisham police station to be seen by a vet and is doing well.

A 26-year-old woman is due to be summonsed to court for allowing her dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place and criminal damage to police property.

News Shopper: Greenwich Park police horse attacked by dog

PC Katherine Smith from the Peninsula Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: "Although the vast majority of dog owners do behave responsibly, there is a small minority who still fail to control their dogs.

"All dogs, especially certain breeds, need to be properly managed so they do not become aggressive and it is the responsibility of owners to keep their dogs under control.

"Responsible dog ownership is important for the safety of everybody. If you believe a dog has a tendency to bite, always think about safety."