WHAT were your favourite childhood sweets, the ones you always spent your pocket money on down the local shop when you were growing up?

Did you always to grab a Marathon, a pack of Opal Fruits, a tube of Smarties or a Milky Bar?

Was there a particular favourite you liked to order a ‘quarter of’ from the jars behind the counter? Were there penny sweets in the pick ‘n’ mix display you remember fondly, such as sherbet dips, black jacks, fruit salads or candy sticks?

Tell us in the comments below which decade you’re a child of and which sweets you loved the most as a kid. Also give a mention to any favourites not available anymore which you wish you could still get.

News Shopper: Burning Questions

Other than sweets, is there anything else you like to reminisce about from your youth? Send an email and maybe we’ll make it the subject of a future Burning Questions article.