PROSECUTORS are on the brink of charging someone over the Claire Tiltman murder, it has been reported.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is considering a file of evidence from Kent Police about the 16-year-old schoolgirl who was killed in 1993.

Detective Superintendent Rob Vinson of Kent Police's cold case team, said: "We have presented a file of evidence to the CPS for their consideration in relation to the murder of Claire Tiltman.

"Claire’s murder has been subject to an ongoing investigation by Kent Police who have never given up on justice for Claire."

A spokesman for the CPS said: “The CPS is currently considering a file of evidence submitted by Kent Police in relation to the murder of Claire Tiltman in 1993.

"We hope to reach a decision as soon as is practicably possible.”

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson said: “This development is very welcome and confirms the very proactive nature of the investigation.

"I just hope 2014 will be the year that we will finally see justice for Claire Tiltman.”

Dartford schoolgirl Claire was stabbed in an the alleyway near her home in Greenhithe in 1993, four days after her 16th birthday.

Police involved in the case raided the home of Colin Ash-Smith in September last year.

 The 43-year-old was handed three life sentences in 1996 for attacks on three woman, including the attempted murder of one and the attempted rape and kidnap of another.