SOUTH east London has been branded 'rough', 'poor' and 'arty' by the capital's residents in a new survey.

In the YouGov survey of 1,294 Londoners, respondents were shown a list of adjectives and asked which four they most associate with each area of London – East, West, North and South – and the results were analysed to determine which words were particularly associated with an area.

Out of this analysis emerges the distinct ‘brand’ of the four London sub-regions: the west is ‘posh’, the east is ‘poor’, the south is ‘rough’ and the north is ‘intellectual'.

Londoners see the east as being poor and dirty, but also arty and try-hard, while the south is both rough and up and coming.

A YouGov spokesman said: "Of course, London is a city that is also constantly changing. There are already several major developments, like the Crossrail, new cycle lanes and a 24-hour Underground service, likely to transform the regional make-up of the city in the coming years."

To see the survey results, click here.