A THAMESMEAD mum is warning drivers in Charlton after her car was pelted with stones which smashed a window where her two-year-old son was sleeping.

Audrey Pereira was driving home from a christening with her family along Bugsby's Way on Saturday (Jan 18) when her Ford Focus was hit twice as she went under a railway bridge at around 10pm.

News Shopper: The smashed window where Zach, 2, was sleeping

The 29-year-old mother-of-two, who lives off Central Way, feared for her toddler Zach when a stone shattered the window next to him and his seven-year-old brother Joshua.

Mrs Pereira and her husband Paul, 39, say youths were firing the stones from on top of a bridge with a catapult. Her husband gave chase with another driver, whose window was also smashed, but they fled.

The customer service adviser for a hair and beauty company, said: “We heard a loud bang and we didn’t think anything of it until my seven year old son said ‘oh my goodness mum, the window’s smashed.’

“One of our side windows had a hole through it, the whole glass was shattered.

“We heard another bang, they had broken one of the lights on our car.

“We were so lucky. I have a two year old, he was sleeping, it was his side of the window.

“Imagine if he was awake, glass could have got in his eye.

“Kids don’t realise this could have caused a fatal collision.”

Police are appealing for information after they were called to Bugsby's Way at around 9.40pm to reports of stones being thrown at cars along the road. Officers attended and searched the area.

Mrs Pereira added: “Imagine if something happened to my kids.

“It is so dangerous on a really busy area.

“We had a really nice day with godparents and it just ended up with this. It is so annoying and then there are all unnecessary expenses.”

The couple are now left paying out around £100 for the window and £30 for the lights to be fixed.

Inspector Cliff Eager, in charge of the Safer Neighbourhoods policing team in Charlton said: "This is a very serious incident where, potentially, drivers could have lost control of their cars when hit by stones.

“I would encourage anyone with information to contact us, especially if anyone has noticed anything suspicious around Bugsby’s Way."

Police can be contacted on non-emergency number 101.