EVEN storm clouds have silver linings, as a Beckenham soft play venue is ready to prove as it prepares to re-open better than before following weather damage.

A deluge of water in extreme weather conditions hit Gambado hard at the end of December, leaving them to replace flooring, reception and the cafe.

The dodgems and carousel had to be removed, the play frame refurbished and the whole site deep cleaned.

But now, the centre –which has one of the largest play frames in Greater London, a climbing wall, ball pool and tunnel slides – is planning to reopen in early March once the work has been carried out which will give it an all new reception, cafe and lower level frame.

General manager Roemello Price said: “Damage was sustained due to the sheer volume of water that could not efficiently be disseminated by the drainage system.  Unfortunately Gambado is built with a slight slope to the entry doors which took the full force of the overflow”.

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