A CRAYFORD woman who once feared she could never have children is due to give birth to four babies in one year.

Sarah Ward, 28, conceived triplets just weeks after giving birth to her first baby Freddie who was born in March.

Sarah, who lives with partner postal worker Benn Smith in a one bedroom house said: "Falling pregnant so soon after having our baby was a real shock but to find out it was triplets knocked us for six.

"Having four babies under the age of one is going to be insane but I cannot wait to hold them in my arms. We feel so blessed.’ The tots will be delivered in nine weeks time at the Medway Maritime Hospital when Sarah is 34 weeks pregnant.

At first the couple were told they were expecting three non-identical sons, but later scans revealed one of the babies was a girl.

They have named their sons Reggie and Stanley and daughter Charley.

Sarah said: "To find out one of the babies was a girl was another huge shock.

"It means I’ll have three princes and one little princess and our family will be complete.

"I can’t believe I’ve gone from thinking I will never be a mum to giving birth to a perfect family in under a year."

Sarah and Benn started trying for a baby in September 2011 soon after becoming a couple.

As they had already been friends for years there seemed little point in waiting to start the family they both dreamed of.

But each month brought disappointment.

Sarah said: "It seemed everyone around us was falling pregnant. I tried to be happy for them but couldn’t help wondering when it would be my turn."

When a year had passed with no joy Sarah started to fear there might be something wrong and booked an appointment with her GP in September 2012.

But the week beforehand, her period was late.

She says: "After waiting so long I didn’t get my hopes up. But I did a test anyway and was stunned to find out I was finally pregnant at last."

The couple moved into their first home together - a one-bedroom privately rented house - as they awaited the arrival of their son.

After a textbook pregnancy Freddie was born on June 1 last year.

Sarah said: "Freddie was such a perfect happy baby and we both loved being parents so much that we already decided we wanted another before we left hospital.’ But because it had taken her so long to conceive Sarah assumed the same would happen again.

The couple tried again for a baby just four weeks after Freddie was born, and one month later Sarah was pregnant again.

She said: "Benn laughed and made a joke about me being pregnant but of course neither of us really expected that. I thought it was just my hormones after the birth.’ But a week on she took a test which confirmed she was expecting again- Freddie was just eight weeks old.

The mum said: "I was shaking. I was looking at the blue line on the stick and then at my tiny baby thinking this cannot really be happening."

Benn was equally stunned but the couple’s shock soon gave way to excitement.

Benn said: "Yes it was happening sooner than we thought but we both knew another baby would complete the family.

"Considering I thought I wouldn’t ever be a mum at one point, to then go to having four babies felt like a miracle"