A 13-YEAR-old boy got into trouble in deep floodwater in Farningham after he built a raft and it capsized with him on it.

The boy's father and grandfather, who were on the riverbank, attached a line to themselves and managed to rescue the teenager as he drifted towards the weir.

The family had to cling onto tree branches in order to drag themselves out of the water safely.

Fire crews from Dartford were called to the incident in Station Road just after 2pm on Saturday.

Watch Manager, Lee Able said: "We want to remind parents to keep their families safe by being aware of the dangers of playing in or near floodwater. "Fortunately, the strength of flow pushed the boy, father and grandback towards the bank, where they were able to tow themselves in and cling to tree branches, before dragging themselves out of the water.

"Had this not happened, it could have very easily been a totally different story, with tragic consequences.”

The boy was treated for hypothermia and all three were suffering from shock.

Lee added: “Please don’t take risks by walking, swimming or playing in floodwater, rivers or streams.

"It’s easy to underestimate the depth, how fast the water is moving and any hidden hazards. It only takes 15 centimetres (6 inches) of rapidly moving water to knock a person off their feet.

“Paths covered in floodwater may also hide hidden dangers. If you can’t see the ground, you don’t know what’s there. Floodwater can wash drain covers away, leaving holes that you could easily fall into.”

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