December 3 2011: The site is on fire for three days causing nearby Sevenoaks Way to be closed.

March 18 2013: Another fire breaks out, this time lasting eight days and becoming the longest fire in Bromley's history.

April 10: Two weeks later the recycling plant is ablaze again.

April 18: Environment Agency serves Waste4Fuel Ltd with a suspension notice, giving it until July 15 to clear the St Paul's Cray site of all combustible waste.

April 22: Fire services are called as, for the third time in three weeks, the Waste4Fuel site is burning.

May 4: Residents in Cornwall Drive lose patience as fire services return to deal with another fire.

May 5: A day later and the site is on fire again.

June 27: Another blaze breaks out.

July 16: With the site still not cleared, a seventh fire in four months breaks out.

August 29: A court order successfully applied for by Environment Agency after hearing at High Court. Waste4Fuel Ltd agree to carry out work which includes the provision of two firebreaks by September 7 and 30 respectively.

September 3: Despite this, within days another fire has broken out at the St Paul's Cray plant.

October 10: During parliamentary questions Bromley and Chislehurst MP Bob Neill calls on new environment minister Dan Rogerson to review how thoroughly the Environment Agency is regulating activities at the plant.

November 8: Environment Agency successfully obtains a High Court injunction against Waste4Fuel Ltd, requiring the company to remove all combustible waste from the site by May 1 2014.

November 26: Orpington MP Jo Johnson urges fast action over the plant as firefighters tackle another fire which burns for two days.

December 6: After fire number ten an accident leads to gallons of water leaking from a hose, nearly flooding the houses of nearby Cornwall Drive.

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