DURING his recent #askboris Twitter chat one of the more sane questions asked of the London Mayor was to “end the debate” and say whether Sidcup is in London or Kent.

Boris replied that “I have the honour of representing Sidcup”, implying the town is in London.

The debate didn’t go any further as attention was instead given to the Mayor's incorrect statement about Sidcup being where “Mick met Keith”.

So, let’s pick it up here and see if we can form a consensus on whether the town of Sidcup is indeed in London or Kent.

What’s your view? Do you think Sidcup’s postal address means it’s part of Kent or do you think its location within a London borough means it’s part of the capital? Do you live there – if so, where do you tell people you’re from?

What about other fringe towns in the News Shopper area such as Bromley, Chislehurst, Crayford or Welling – which of these places do you think fall within London and which are in Kent?

Where does the boundary between Greater London and Kent actually lie? Does it come down to who people pay their council tax to or are there other factors which determine whether somewhere might be in London rather than Kent or vice-versa?

Add your comments below.

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