A MAN found himself three feet under after allegedly falling down a hole in Dartford while going after his dog.

The unfortunate pet owner, aged around 40, was found unconscious on a building site in Chapel Drive at around 10.30pm last night.

A builder on the new housing development, who did not wish to be named, said police told him the man had been trying to fetch his dog which had slipped through fencing around the site.

He then fell into a trench around three feet deep in the dark and was taken to Darent Valley Hospital suffering with neck and back pain.

Neighbour Tilly Hinde, 27, who lives on the site by the former Stone House Hospital building, said two fire engines, a police car and an ambulance attended.

The full-time mother-of-one said: “My neighbour sent me a Facebook message asking ‘have you seen what’s going on outside?’

“I looked through the window and saw all the flashing lights. The fireman said it was quite serious.”

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “The site is sealed for a reason so accidents don’t happen.

“If he goes to try and climb in he’s in the wrong and it serves him right.”