BOGUS police officers tried to burgle the home of a pensioner in Horton Kirby on Wednesday (JAN 15).

Detectives are now appealing for information after two men knocked on the door of a 77-year-old woman in Saxon Place and accused her of using forged money.

They insisted she let them into her house and produced what they claimed was ID - but when the victim asked for a closer look they told her she would be arrested.

The victim became distressed and allowed the men into her home.

They threatened to search her property for money and return with a dog.

After she protested that she had no money to give them both men eventually fled empty handed.

Kent Police is now appealing for help to find both of the men and a description of the offenders has been released.

The first man is described as short, overweight and aged around 60. He had greying hair and was wearing a grey boiler suit.

The second man was aged in his 50s. He also had greying hair, which appeared to be gelled to the sides and was wearing a horizontal striped jumper.

Detective Constable Joanne Davies said: “This crime has caused a huge amount of distress to an elderly and also vulnerable victim and we would ask anyone who may have information to contact us as soon possible.

“We would also urge people to be cautious when someone knocks at the door unexpectedly.

"If you think there is a bogus caller at your door, call police on 999, with their details and descriptions.”