A COBHAM school girl has been selected to join Canterbury Cathedral’s first ever girls’ choir.

Tilly Green, 15, is one of just 16 members of the new group which is the first of its kind in 900 years of male-only choirs at the famous cathedral.

The Cobham Hall Year 10 student sings in the independent all girls school’s main choir and chamber choir.

Tilly is also part of Rochester Cathedral Girls’ Choir as well as attending the Junior Trinity programme at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Greenwich.

The choir have all been kitted out in purple cassocks ready for their first performance on January 25.

Tilly said: "It’s one of the most prestigious cathedrals and I love singing.

“The first rehearsal was really good because I got to meet loads of new people.

"It was really scary at first and there was quite a lot of nervous laughter from the younger girls especially but I got through it.

“I’ve always wanted a purple cassock and now I have a purple cassock.”