A FOREST Hill mum is desperate to move after she claims "disgusting" damp is further damaging her chronic asthma-suffering son’s health.

Victoria Nash fears for her nine-year-old son Lewis Salisbury, who she says has been in and out of hospital with his condition and requires a ground floor flat to be easily picked up by ambulances.

News Shopper: Mould in Victoria Nash's home

The mother-of-three, who lives in Sunderland Road, says water sometimes runs down the walls in the Lewisham Homes-run property and she has to send her child away to stay with family which affects her relationship with him.

The 27-year-old said: "Sometimes the water pours down the walls and makes puddles on the floor.

"There is extensive damp on every single wall which is turning black.

"It is just disgusting. I can’t bring anyone here. I can’t have any of my children’s school friends here.

"Every time my son gets ill, I have to send him away. It is affecting my relationship with him."

She added: "I need to move."

News Shopper: Mould in Victoria Nash's home

Ms Nash says she has complained countless times about the problem and tried dehumidifiers and various methods but with no luck.

She claims a surveyor says it is a fault with the building and she rounded up a petition of 19 out of 28 neighbours who also suffered from damp. She is now considering legal action.

A Lewisham Homes spokeswoman said: "We are aware of Ms Nash’s complaints and have carried out a thorough investigation including visits and an inspection by an independent specialist.

"The findings conclude that the problems with damp are due to internal condensation.

"We have helped Ms Nash to treat the mould growth in her home, and provided her with information about how to prevent condensation in the future. This is a responsibility for all our tenants.

"Whilst we understand Ms Nash’s desire to move home, she is currently housed according to her family’s needs in line with the Council’s Allocation Policy.

"We have given her advice about the options open to her to move home and provided necessary application forms so she can move forward with this. We will continue to support her through this process."