15 PEOPLE were arrested in Bromley over the festive period after failing breath tests.

As part of a Christmas drink drive campaign, 551 people were given breath tests by local officers across the borough.

That campaign is now over, but police say they will continue to pay close attention to the issue of drink driving in the area.

Chief Inspector Andy Johnstone of the Metropolitan Police Traffic Unit said: "Despite all of the messages that drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal, some people still do not get the point and once again we have made a number of arrests over the Christmas period.

"Unfortunately it seems that for the sake of a few drinks some people are still prepared to risk losing their licence, their job and a prison sentence.

"But the end of the campaign definitely does not mean the end of police vigilance to catch those who continue to flout the law and drink and drive, and we will continue in our efforts to make the roads safer for all users."