A MOTTINGHAM mum is appealing for witnesses after a car hit her 15-year-old son and left him temporarily wheelchair-bound with a smashed knee.

Nicky Salama says her son Josh fell through the front door screaming with a gash in his knee, which went to the bone, after the crash in Mottingham Lane on January 6 at around 7pm.

News Shopper: Josh Salama with parents Nicky Salama and Joe Salama

The 49-year-old mother-of-two is urging the driver of the car, who stopped and apologised but left without exchanging details in the trauma of the moment, to get in contact.

She says Josh thought the car had stopped to let him cross on the wet evening and the Year 10 pupil at University Technical College, Greenwich, had to leap back to stop himself going over the bonnet.

Mrs Salama said: "The car hit him across the knees.

"He was screaming, he was banging on the front door.

"He made it, I don’t know how, to the front door and fell through it.

"There was a hole in his trousers, you could see his kneecap - it had all been slit open.

"I just sort of calmed him. I stroked his head. It was so deep, right down to the bone."

The primary school learning support assistant says she is not blaming anyone but she would like to speak to the driver and other witnesses to the accident.

She said: "The man did stop and came to the door. He said: ‘I am really sorry, I didn’t see him'.

"I said: ‘Do you need to come and get a drink?’ He did look very white. And then he left.

"I was dealing with Josh, I wasn’t going to chase him down the road, but I kind of thought he looked like the sort of person to see what the result was, but he hasn’t.

"It isn’t about who is to blame, but it is that thing of somebody taking a bit of responsibility."

Sporty Josh, who is currently studying for his GCSEs, now faces being in a wheelchair and cast for up to 2 months while his broken left knee and injured right heel mend.

The driver is described as a man in his 50s who was wearing a suit and driving a black Audi. Anyone with information can email strotter@london.newsquest.co.uk

A Greenwich Police spokeswoman urged the driver to call police on 101 or report it to the closest police station if he has not done so already.