IMAGINE a situation in which when ordering a full English breakfast you were forced to pick one ingredient to leave out – which one would you omit?

Could you accept a fry-up without the bacon? Would you be happy to go without the eggs? Would it still be worth eating minus the sausages, the beans, the bread, the tomatoes or the mushrooms?

Which component of a Full English would you least object to falling on the floor on the way to your table? And what element is your favourite and must never be left out under any circumstances?

Tell us your least and most favourite part of a fry-up in the comments below.

News Shopper: Burning Questions

The Burning Questions feature aims to settle some of life’s perennial arguments and crack some of those tricky questions with readers’ collective knowledge.

If there is an issue you’re always squabbling about with workmates or friends or something that makes you go hmmm, email me with your suggestions for future burning questions to ask.