AN ERITH woman says actor Les Dennis has got "too big for his boots" after he shunned the public at a premiere in Dartford.

Irene Wallace, of Parsonage Manor Way, had seen The Perfect Murder production at the Orchard Theatre in Home Gardens and was annoyed when the actors failed to pop in to the foyer and greet the audience who had waited 45 minutes as part of a special Premiere Card members event.

The 64-year-old theatre fan was fed up after she stood with her friend until 11pm when theatre staff finally told her the actors would not be coming down.

She said: "It might have been the perfect murder, they didn’t have the perfect courtesy. I’m tempted to carry out a murder of my own.

"The play was a bit predictable to be honest.

"Obviously Mr Dennis has got a bit big for his boots.

"We had gone to see it for my friend’s 61st birthday.

"Her husband got us special tickets so we could to meet the cast.

"Afterwards we went downstairs to the sectioned off area and waited for 45 minutes.

"There were about 20 of us waiting and then people started to leave so I went to investigate."

News Shopper: Les Dennis

Mrs Wallace said she spoke to the house manager who was very apologetic, adding: "She said it had never happened before but because it was a world premiere, they were having a debrief upstairs

"I could hear them having a good old chat and having a laugh upstairs with their champagne, it was very elitist.

"She told me they had to push the author to sign books for people downstairs.

"It wouldn’t have hurt Mr Dennis just to come down with the staff to say ‘I hope you enjoyed the show’. He went right down in my estimation."

Mr Dennis's agent referred News Shopper to the Orchard Theatre.

A spokesman for the Orchard Theatre said: "Premiere receptions are occasionally held for Premiere Card members where they can enjoy a free drink.

"Cast members are invited to the receptions but we never guarantee they will be in attendance.

"We apologise for any disappointment caused."