PROTESTORS gathered outside Goldsmiths before the filming of Question Time yesterday.

Campaigners carried placards in support of Lewisham Hospital and criticising the closure of Downham fire station.

Inside the building, the panel fielded questions on the shooting of Mark Duggun, cuts to benefits and immigration.

And, although the hospital issue did not take over the programme - as happened at the same venue last year - Lewisham's A&E was discussed in the final section, with concerns that a change in the law may allow Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to threaten the hospital yet again.

The biggest rounds of applause were reserved for several audience members, including Bexley resident Marilyn Murray who told the panel: "This coalition government [is] using the smokescreen of immigration to hide what you are are doing - privatising the NHS, killing the welfare state."

The full programme is available on iPlayer