A RARE breeds specialist in Dartford was "horrified" to discover eight of his animals had perished in the stormy weather.

Wayne May, 42, cares for around 800 creatures and over the last few weeks eight of his animals have died as a result of collapsed buildings and exposure.

Five Arapawa goats and two Zebu Cattle, Coral and Bella, were killed after a tree blew down two days before Christmas and crushed the barn they were in.

A week later a rare breed Ouessant sheep died after a storm blew down it's shelter.

News Shopper: Goats Pioneer and Lacey who died following the extreme weather

Mr May spoke to News Shopper from his Artisan Rare Breeds charity in The Brent, Dartford.

He said: "It is the first time in 25 years we have lost an animal due to a storm.

"We have never lost any animals due to the weather before.

"It’s just such a shock and I was horrified when I saw what had happened.

"Losing any animal is hard but when it is a rare breed, it is a blow for the species survival rate as well."

Artisan Rare Breeds is now a registered charity and depends entirely on public donations.

For more information, call 07873 350701 or email Artisanrarebreeds@gmail.com