CHISLEHUSRT nightclub Glam, whose licence was revoked following a number of violent incidents, has appealed the decision.

The club in Sidcup Bypass was closed early last year after a review, but reopened in September.

A series of violent incidents followed, leading police to apply for a further review, which resulted in Bromley Council's licensing sub-committee revoking the club's premises licence.

The committee heard evidence from police that the club "had a tendency to downplay" and not report incidents as they occurred.

There were issues with the training of staff, and the management did not fully comply with conditions, some of which they had suggested.

Licence holder Adrian Pollock denied management had failed and said progress had been made, including the installation of upgraded CCTV.

He argued the club should not be held accountable for the inadequacies of the security firm they employed, and suggested allegations of assault were "not high" compared to an average London nightclub.

However the sub-committee concluded that, despite the efforts of the licence holder and the staff, there was a long-standing problem of drink-related violence at the premises and not enough was being done to prevent the supply of alcohol to those who already had too much to drink.

The committee accepted police evidence that there had been a failure of management.

Chairman of the licensing sub-committee Councillor Tim Stevens, said: "After weighing up all the evidence, we were satisfied that the licence holder and staff had not dealt with the serious issues of crime and disorder arising at the premises.

"Further, there have been breaches of the conditions of the licence that were imposed at the last review.

"There was no alternative but to revoke the licence."

The appeal has been made within the required 21 days at Bromley Magistrates' Court.