SWANLEY residents have been revealed today (Jan 8) as the biggest internet porn consumers of north Kent.

Website Pornhub shared statistics which showed people in Swanley visit the site for an average of 9 minutes 59 seconds which is 17 seconds longer than people in England generally and two seconds longer than Londoners.

Gravesend web surfers visited the site for a comparatively modest 9 minutes 42 seconds (the same as the London average) and Dartford people checked out porn for around 9 minutes 50 seconds on average.

The data also showed how the number of porn pages varied according to area.

Gravesend residents viewed around seven pages on each visit to Pornhub, as did people from Dartford and Swanley.

This is slightly above the average of Londoners who visit six pages on average.

The company also shared the most searched terms with the Guardian newspaper.

‘British’ topped the chart for users in England, somewhat unimaginatively, after which American porn actress 'Lisa Ann' came second and ‘lesbian’ came third.

In total, the Pornhub site was visited 111 million times over the past 12 months.