MANY people who use public transport will tut and moan about it, but will also have been guilty of it themselves at some point.

I’m talking about using our mobile phones while travelling on buses and trains.

Do you think it’s rude and get annoyed when someone makes a call and proceeds to drone on for the rest of the journey about work or relationships, inflicting half of their inane conversation on you? If someone takes a non-urgent call should they try to be quiet and finish it quickly without disturbing passengers around them?

Or are you more easy-going and think there’s nothing wrong with people spending their commute having private chats with friends, family or colleagues, however noisy or boring they’re being?

Do you think public transport mobile phone users are inconsiderate or should people just put up with it? Add your comments below.

Also, are there any public places or times when using mobile phones should be a no-no?

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