A WOMAN says her dog was "ripped to shreds" by a Bullmastiff "killing machine" while out walking in a Chislehurst park.

Karen South, of Widmore Road, Bromley, was walking 4-year-old Fitch, a German Shorthaired Pointer, in Scadbury Park on Saturday (January 4) morning.

There she encountered a man with two Bullmastiffs, one white and one black.

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Fitch before the attack.

The 48-year-old said: "I have seen the man before and normally he keeps them on a lead.

"On Saturday they weren't.

"My dog was walking in front of me, all peaceful and quiet.

"He walked round the corner. Then I could hear what sounded like a fight going on and a man's voice.

"I turned the corner and there was my dog being attacked by the white one. He grabbed my dog in his mouth.

"Fitch was yelping and screaming, his eyes were bulging.

"He had no chance, he just had to take the attack. This animal was like a killing machine.

"I was witnessing him being ripped to shreds in front of me."

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Injuries suffered by Fitch.

Ms South and the man desperately tried to separate them, but for 20 minutes they could do nothing.

She said: "The man was yelling at the white one to get off.

"He was kicking him and punching him and squeezing his testicles but he wouldn't move.

"I tried open the other dog's mouth to get him off.

"It was 20 minutes of sustained attack, it was like something out of Hound of the Baskervilles. It was horrific."

Eventually Ms South managed to separate the dogs, before rushing Fitch straight to the vet.

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Ms South was also hurt in the attack.

She added: "In the end we managed to get my dog off. He had puncture wounds on the back of his spine and all around his neck and side.

"The vet quickly sedated him and cleaned him up. He was treated for five hours.

"The vet told me he is lucky to have all his limbs and he is lucky to be alive.

"I've got extensive bruising and puncture marks on my arm. I've a cut on my finger where I put my hand in the other dog's mouth.

"A smaller dog would have been ripped to shreds or God forbid what would have happened to a toddler."