DRIVERS in a Lee street are fuming after their parking spaces were taken by a fleet of around 40 hired cars which moved in on Sunday (January 5).

Residents of Milborough Crescent are frustrated by the vehicles from car hire company Enterprise Rent-A-Car, in Lee High Road, which has made their street “chock-a-block” with cars.

News Shopper: Lee residents fuming after hire car company parks fleet of around 40 cars outside homes

A spokesman for the company says there was not enough room for the overflow of cars in the company’s car park but claims they will be gone by 6pm this evening (January 7).

Mrinmayee Ray, 41, who lives in Milborough Crescent and reported the problem on Sunday, said: “It is completely chock-a-block.

“You can imagine the problem it is causing to families with older people, children, or simply bringing in shopping.

“It has been over 48 hours now and although the rental agency is located on a busy street with no parking, it's not our problem.

“I am most upset that an international company can be so irresponsible.”

The mother-of-one says she reported the problem on Sunday at 11am and was told to contact the council about making it a residents-only road.

A spokesman for Enterprise Rent-A-Car said: “We have an overflow of vehicles. We are working to get those vehicles removed as soon as possible.

“We are doing our best to minimise the inconvenience to residents.”