NERVOUS cyclists are being encouraged to get back on their bikes.

Bexley Council is encouraging people to hone their skills on a free, one-day course.

It will feature journey planning and preparation, skills practice in a quiet off-road environment, as well as basic bike maintenance and basic safety advice.

You will also get the option of a further session to learn how to ride on roads.

Free Bikeability courses are also available for children aged 10 and above who can already cycle, to give them basic road safety awareness.

Council cabinet member for the environment and public realm, Councillor Gareth Bacon, said: "We know there are plenty of residents out there with bikes, who no longer ride them either due to habit or a loss of confidence.

"Cycling not only keeps us fitter and healthier, it reduces our spending on fuel and parking, while easing congestion on our roads."

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