WE’RE six days in now but every time I speak to someone on the phone, in person or by email for the first time in 2014 I still feel compelled to wish them a happy New Year.

What I want to know today is when does it become OK to stop being polite and wishing people good fortune for the year ahead?

Is there an official cut-off point, and if so when is it? Now the Christmas decorations have gone, is it alright to stop with the pleasantries?

Tell me in the comments below when you think is the right time to stop wishing people a happy New Year.

News Shopper: Burning Questions The Burning Questions feature aims to resolve some of the oddities of social etiquette, settle some of life’s perennial arguments and crack some of those tricky questions with readers’ collective knowledge.

If there is an issue you’re always squabbling about with workmates or friends or something that makes you go hmmm, email me with your suggestions for future burning questions to ask. If you get in touch I’ll let you decide whether to wish me a happy New Year!