A BLOGGER has created a dramatic time-lapse video of the Thames Barrier closing at the weekend - along with pictures of the resultant flooding east of the Charlton landmark on the lower river paths.

Michael Snasdell filmed the scenes, which were shared widely by Twitter users, on January 4 as the barrier closed yet again to defend people along the riverside heavy rain and high winds.

He wrote: "With one gate left just open the rushing sound of water filled the air, and drew our attention back to it. Watching for a few minutes, then suddenly seeing the first signs of water lapping over the side of the footpath (we were much higher).

"As we watched, the small washes became a little bigger, and the water began to fully come over the banks. Over the course of the next 30-40 mins we stood and watched, with a now growing crowd, as the level continued to rise, so peacefully."

The Thames Barrier is due to be closed again today (January 6) at 3pm for the ninth tide in the row.

To see the full pictures and blog visit michaelsnasdell.blogspot.co.uk