FIFTY-FIVE per cent of Dartford residents said they believed most people would help someone who had fallen in the street.

People were quizzed about caring attitudes for the survey conducted by BMI Fawkham Manor Hospital in Manor Lane, Longfield.

The participants said caring staff was the most important element in their hospital stay and almost half (49 per cent) said nursing was the profession they most associated with care.

The survey was sent to around 500 Dartford residents in November last year.

Director of nursing at BMI Fawkham Manor Hospital Angela Vickery said: “The survey reveals some reassuring information about the community where we live and work.

"It is good to know that residents across Dartford believe reaching out to others is still an important part of their busy lives.”

The survey revealed how modern forms of communication are becoming ever more important in our lives with 57 per cent saying they are aware if people are struggling or need help through social media.

Meanwhile 42 per cent of people chose to stay in touch with friends and neighbours by mobile telephone.

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