TREES and decorations have only just come down, and we’ve barely recovered from New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Yet, with more than 100 days still to go until Easter, shops are already stocking chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and other sweet treats.

It’s hardly going to help the willpower of anyone trying to eat healthily for January, but even without this annoyance it’s surely too early for shops to be gearing up for the next ‘holiday season’ already?

Presumably there is a demand otherwise stores wouldn’t be doing it, but who in their right mind starts buying Easter food so far in advance?

Do you think it’s too early for shops to be selling eggs, bunnies and buns? If so, when do you think is the right time for Easter goodies to appear on the shelves? Also, whose bright idea was it that we should send Easter cards nowadays?

For the first Burning Questions of the year I’ve got two other things for you to ponder and share your knowledge on.

You may have been happy as Larry with some of your Christmas gifts, but who was Larry and why was he so happy?

Also, do you know how the custom of New Year’s resolutions started and who the first person was to make such a pledge on January 1 of whatever year it began?

If you have any opinions on the Easter countdown starting so soon or possible answers to the other questions, add your comments below.

News Shopper: Burning Questions

The Burning Questions feature aims to settle some of life’s perennial arguments and crack some of those tricky questions with readers’ collective knowledge.

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